What is planned for this years modelers/kids feature

Discussion in 'Miniatureland' started by GaarScott, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. GaarScott

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    Dear All,

    This is my first post onto this forum. I apologize that I haven't been following the plans for this coming years feature...especially when you figure that I am both showing scale models and my son. Many of you may recognize my handle if you follow SmokStak. But if not, I own and operate my grandfather's 1/2 scale 25hp simple single side geared GaarScott amongst some other engines that I own. I have been a life time member of the WMSTR for more years than I dare remember. I have been an active member for many of those years. Many of you know of my grandfather, Leo P. Huston, who I was pleased to read about on a thread in the W.M.S.T.R. forum. Thank you to those that gave such a kind tribute to my grandfather.

    Anyway, back to the question at hand...what is being planned or done to emphasize the modelers and specifically the kids that run them? Thanks.

    Lawrence J. Swanz
  2. Pete Mandt

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    To answer you question about models and the kids that run them, we are trying to encourage youth to participate and I think models are a great way to do this. Many kids may be intimidated by full size equipment. I don't know if you usually display in miniatureland or not. I do not want to take away from the miniatureland display but if you would be interested in bringing an engine and displaying it in the Expo area that would be great. We want some equipment that the kids can operate in a specific area with the owners supervision and an operator that is patient and willing to do this.


  3. GaarScott

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    Thanks. I typically don't set up in minature land, as I liked to run my engine around and a 1/2 scale parked in that area really took up a lot of room. In past years I set up inside the Ortner Railway, as it allowed me to fire up without worrying about young passer-byer's to get burned by the hot boiler. I know that the years that David Fie has shown his 1/2 size 110 Case, he has had his parked along side the big engines.

    Do you know if any outside engines that don't typically show at Rollag are coming in this year? Is there going to be equipment set up for the 1/2 scale machines to run? I was hoping to be able to have Gramps's 1/2 scale 31-50 Case separator done by show time, but it is a bigger project than I first envisioned and I didn't want to hap hazzardly put it together just to make a date and not have a nice quality machine to show in the end. I am hoping to work on it some over this coming winter. Thant and fix the ol' Gaar after its little mishap this past weekend. Gotta love timing!

    Thanks for the info. Pete.


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