WMSTR in the News

As a member of both the Becker County Museum board of directors as well as the WMSTR Board when this idea came up, I was quite excited at the opportunity to connect 2 local historic organizations for this display. Dave and crew did a fantastic job restoring the pump, the museum is very grateful and excited to display this piece 110 years after the Detroit Lakes fire.
Great PR for both organizations!

About Dave... We have many, many people in different areas of the show that seem to float to the top in their areas of expertise. Some of those people are well known and easily recognizable by the general membership, others are mainly known by the members who "live and breath" WMSTR.

Dave is one of those guys I like to think of as someone who quietly works all year long on whatever WMSTR owned piece of equipment needs some love and has been sitting around in some sorry state for way to long. I think (my observation) he picks something out when we are buttoning things up for the winter and makes sure it ends up by the door so he can spent the next 9 months rescuing it.

The Frazee fire engine is one such piece that, had it not been for Dave would still be tucked away in a corner of a building somewhere on the grounds with few people knowing what it is, or where it came from. Now it is a real show piece, a popular exhibit at our show every year, and Dave studied the history on in so there is a big story to go along with the grade A+ restoration he championed.

FYI... This season look for the WMSTR Coop tractor, the latest project Dave picked out the that had been getting dragged in and out of the Nelson building with a chain for 20 years with a flat tire just so people could look at a static display. I've not seen it yet, but I am told it runs great and the tires hold air now.

I know there are many others who work on these project with Dave, but every project needs a champion and these kinds of projects are Daves niche!

Thank your filling that need Dave, and congratulations on your unsolicited recognition and chance to show off your project outside of the WMSTR show! You should be very proud of the attention the "little engine that could" is getting in Detroit Lakes this spring!

The Coop tractor runs great, we had it on the Blue Brake at Steam Up.

You are right about the type of person that Dave is. I am glad he got some time in the lime light with the fire engine.

Jerry Christiansen