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    Jerry Swedberg will be holding the model wobbler building class again in the model engine building (right on the parade route next to the Administration Building) for anyone, adults and kids on Friday, 9 am. Also, on Sat. kids only ages 12-16.

    Anyone younger must have an adult that is knowledgable with shop equipment and can stay with the student and work with them.

    Call Jerry at 218-937-5404 or rollagee@rrt.net to sign up there are a few openings left.

    Jerry Recently returned back from Baraboo, WI where he also held 2 classes. The kids have built over 125 engines at 4 different shows.
  2. dachtera

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    Wobblers are back in 2013!

    Jerry Swedberg is putting on another class for our youth to build the wobbler air engines in our Model Engine Building, immediate West of the Administration Building.

    It is a great opportunity to get our youth (ages 10-17) involved in the hobby and teach them valuable skills. They will safely learn how to perform some basic machining skills such as using a drill press and similar tools under the supervision of experienced Members of WMSTR. There is no cost for this event, but you must sign up early to get involved! The event is about 2-3 hours, taking place Friday and Saturday morning of our show at 9am. When completed, the attendees will get to take home their own 'wobbler' air powered 'engine' There have been over 260 engines built at our show, and the interest has spread from our show, thru Wisconsin and out to the East Coast. If you are interested, please contact Jerry Swedberg (rollagee@rrt.net) to sign-up. You may also call 218-937-5404 instead.

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