Year of the Bulldog?

Discussion in '2011 Avery Farm Machinery Feature' started by 40avery, Apr 5, 2008.

  1. 40avery

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    For some time now we have been hinting that there may be plans developing for a feature in 2011. We have decided to approach the board of directors and ask that 2011 be designated "The year of the bulldog" We will be proposing to feature the Avery line of farm machinery.

    We are opening this for discussion so let us know what you think and if you have any ideas on how and what we should do let's get it out and discuss it.

    This can be a very exciting year as Jim's 40 will be 100 years old that year and Mark's 40 is planned to be operational by then.

    We look forward to the board looking on this proposal favorably and having a great time getting this feature off the ground.

  2. avery2550

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    2011 "year of the bulldog" sounds like a good plan to me. There are enough tractors out there to make a good showing, both steam and even more gas. I know a few of our members have Avery gas tractors that have never been to the show grounds or if they have it has been a number of years.
    With the 40 Avery being 100 in 2011, another 40 coming together and I believe I read about another members recent aquisition of an undermount which should be operating soon, I think the timing should be right for Avery in 2011.

  3. 20Avery

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    I am gonna say this with real caution...Great idea. The caution is this, we could possibly have our 20 Avery there, but, it may have a slight limp. :eek:...

    We are gonna further investigate the boiler condition this spring then we will say yeah or nay to an appearence. Really like the idea though. It time for the Bulldog to "shine." If nothing else, we will sure make Ellingson's 18 Avery part of the party. :dancingparty:

    Once the restoration process there will be a thread about the ongiong process. Pretty slow now, but the weather is changing...:bannana:

  4. 40avery

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    A good goal is what we all need in a project. If it goes well it will be a great thing to see the twenty there. If not there will hopefully be some other Avery steam engines that may need help too.

    Once we get the board's approval we will start some organizational meetings and start brain storming.


    Indeed there are some other Avery gas tractors close that we should try and get to the show. I really think that this really could be a pretty good feature.:)



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